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As it is well known, travelling does not always go according to the plan. For a business traveller, this creates extra care when the work should be the priority.

Therefore a professional and helpful business travel agency provides safety and advice for business travellers in situations that are difficult to solve while travelling.

Travel Agency via Vip Oy has been working since 2005 in the constantly changing everyday life of business travel. Broad professional experiences in business travel shows on our work: we prepare all the necessary arrangements for you to make your trip successful.

We have the IATA accreditation and the membership of the Consumer Agency's
guarantee fund/register of package travel companies (Kuvi4608/05/MjMv).
Our Business Identity Code is FI15901477.


BIG Travel Finland via Vip Ltd

 Office is closed for the time being.


Radius Travel clients kindly contact directly to Sweden radiusfinland@bigtravel.se